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Sopa de cabeza de cabra / Goat head soup
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Poster: Mosh  (see this users gallery)

First I did some doodling on a notebook. Then I started sketching inside Painter with the Pen Tools.

For laying down the ground colour, I used the Benioff Artist Oils & Soft tapered oils (sometimes in Dirty mode).
For additional texturing/colouring of the skin, I resorted to Don's Brushes (included in the Painter Wow! book) and the Stipple Painter (which gives the appearance of freckles in this image) with the following settings: Opacity 15%, grain 0, resat 46, bleed 48 and jitter 0.
Then I used the Airbrush / Pepper spray to pulverize some more colour in specific places just to add volume.
The hairs were painted one by one with the Oils/ Round Camelhair. Settings: opacity 33, resat: 71, bleed 13 and feature 2.9.

The background layers were created using standard Painter tools.

Approximate time for the image: 15 hours.
· Date: 8-4-2007 · Views: 170557 · Filesize: 52.3kb, 985.2kb · Dimensions: 1500 x 1500 ·
Additional Info
Rating: ******* 6.75
Keywords: cabra, goat, soup, sopa, personaje, character, Mosh, illustration, ilustración, viejo, old man, wise, sabio
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Mr. Bill
Senior Member

Registered: April 2006
Posts: 450
12-4-2007 00:32 Rating: 9.00 

Really like this one a lot, but the Goat 'horns' (to me) look like they need a little work.

Nice job!
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Registered: May 2005
Posts: 50
12-4-2007 11:15

You're right, Mr. Bill, I will be updating this image.
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9-6-2011 04:08 Rating: 9.00 

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17-6-2011 03:02 Rating: 1.00 

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1-2-2012 07:49

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22-2-2012 01:18 Rating: 8.00 

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29-3-2012 07:01

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31-3-2012 09:27

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