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Two Little Ladies

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Poster: Mr. Bill  (see this users gallery)

Created entirely in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3.

No plug-in was used
· Date: 17-2-2007 · Views: 50557 · Filesize: 116.7kb · Dimensions: 597 x 545 ·
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Rating: ********** 9.75
Keywords: Two Little Ladies
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Senior Member

Registered: September 2005
Posts: 417
19-2-2007 20:53 Rating: 10.00 

This is really cool. The colors work real well together and the placement of the dif textures are tight. very unique.
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Mr. Bill
Senior Member

Registered: April 2006
Posts: 450
20-2-2007 00:18

Thank you so much

The photo is very old. Methinks I first saw it when Photoshop V.3 was
first released. It's included with many versions of the Corel DRAW Suites,
but not X3.
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Jeff Harrison

Senior Member

Registered: April 2005
Posts: 362
24-2-2007 06:41 Rating: 10.00 

nice and colorful!
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Mr. Bill
Senior Member

Registered: April 2006
Posts: 450
24-2-2007 14:08

Thank you, Jeff,

This is more of an artistic representation of those two little ladies.
Rather than a simple color correcting, I opted to try what a plug-in effect
that was posted in the Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 newsgroup might look like.

I wouldn't have given myself a perfect 10 because I was a bit sloppy
with their faces. My original was underneath the textured version and in
the Merge mode so I could erase the artifacts created with the
eraser from their faces. I see I didn't do as good a job as I would have liked to.

Working too fast
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29-2-2012 01:33 Rating: 9.00 

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Junior Member

Registered: June 2012
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25-12-2012 01:18 Rating: 10.00 

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