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Poster: Fluid  (see this users gallery)

Created thsi for a collab project at vexel.net. all vector X3!
· Date: 5-2-2007 · Views: 125498 · Filesize: 52.6kb, 101.4kb · Dimensions: 618 x 540 ·
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Rating: ***** 5.00
Keywords: CorelDRAW X3, Fluid, Vector, Person, Zoolander, FLuid Designs Inc
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Mr. Bill
Senior Member

Registered: April 2006
Posts: 450
5-2-2007 21:04

The background is sensational! It lends a great feeling of depth. The turtle neck sweater looks as if it were a high resolution bitmap. Great color theme.

If I squint, or look at it from a distance, it is beautifully rendered.
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Senior Member

Registered: September 2005
Posts: 417
5-2-2007 22:32

it was a small photo but the end use is pretty small so it works. I did forget to do the left eyebrow back to the drawing table
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9-6-2011 03:49 Rating: 9.00 

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13-8-2011 04:51

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30-8-2011 14:18

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15-1-2012 03:47

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Registered: August 2012
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9-8-2012 08:50 Rating: 1.00 

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5-11-2012 01:25

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