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Say NO to Drugs!

Photo Details
Poster: Mr. Bill  (see this users gallery)

Created entirely in Corel Photo-Paint.

Say NO to DRUGS!

I created this shocking image in Corel Photo-Paint to bring
attention to a gigantic problem we have in our world today.

The image of the baby, and child (not a real situation) were placed
in the infamous DRUG Spoon, and the delivering Needle "by me" to make you
think of the words, Say NO to Drugs. Please do not be offended by what you see
here. It's my way of expressing my feelings
toward those illegal drug users that kill innocent
children every day. It would be impossible for me
to count the tears I have shed silently while watching children
waste away because of illegal drug use in the world
we inhabit these days .

I am fortunate enough to be able to - "Say NO to DRUGS", but feel sad that this
will only effect a few who will see my shocking image
and understand the message it was meant to portray - "Say NO to DRUGS".

The text effect (Number 58) is created in UFX for Photo-Paint X3.


This is my image, my words (owner), and does not necessarily reflect or express an opinion(s)
by or of this forum, administrator(s) and/or any software used to create said image.

Thank you,

Mr. Bill
· Date: 9-10-2006 · Views: 81462 · Filesize: 62.6kb · Dimensions: 600 x 400 ·
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Rating: ********* 9.33
Keywords: Say NO to Drugs!
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23-7-2010 09:42

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2-3-2012 01:27 Rating: 9.00 

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