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· Date: 28-12-2005 · Views: 89008 · Filesize: 27.3kb, 70.8kb · Dimensions: 771 x 483 ·
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Keywords: CorelDRAW, Vector
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Senior Member

Registered: December 2005
Posts: 164
28-12-2005 14:52 Rating: 10.00 

Very nice work.
I realise that the shadow is probably true to the original, however, it would look better IMHO if brought all the way to the rear wheel.
The rear wheel looks like it is floating.
Great work anyways.
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Senior Member

Registered: September 2005
Posts: 417
28-12-2005 15:35 Rating: 9.00 

I agree with the shadow. Eventhough the pic might be right the shadow in the graphic seems out of place and actually directs your attention. Great job on the vehicle.
Looks like you have some transparency on the front window. Maybe adding some the the sides will make it pop a lil more as well.
Over all very nice job.
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Senior Member

Registered: August 2005
Posts: 281
2-1-2006 18:45

THANX for the comments !
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27-9-2011 04:28

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7-1-2012 01:25 Rating: 10.00 

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15-1-2012 03:46

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1-2-2012 07:50

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