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UPS Panel Truck
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Poster: kenpoist  (see this users gallery)

Here is a rendering I did for fun.
Feel free to critique.
· Date: 9-12-2005 · Views: 96271 · Filesize: 40.5kb, 366.5kb · Dimensions: 800 x 1006 ·
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Rating: ********** 9.80
Keywords: vector, auto, cars, art
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Registered: August 2005
Posts: 96
9-12-2005 13:33 Rating: 10.00 

Abosolutely incredible work...MAN!!!

Real good vector illustration knowledge!
Send more stuff!
You must work a lot with the transparency tool...clean work...

Just love it!
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Senior Member

Registered: September 2005
Posts: 417
9-12-2005 13:50 Rating: 10.00 

This is why i never finished my recreation. This rendering is just unreal. Way to take Corel to its potential. Gotta love them vectors
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Senior Member

Registered: December 2005
Posts: 164
9-12-2005 15:23

Thanks for the comments.
Stetro, yea I use the transparency quite a bit.
I will post more, however, I don't want to over saturate the forum with my stuff.
Thanks for looking.

Richard, your work is great and your version would have turned out killer.
Thanks for the kind words, I'm humbled by your comments.
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Jeff Harrison

Senior Member

Registered: April 2005
Posts: 362
9-12-2005 19:47 Rating: 10.00 

Very Good! Don't worry about over saturating the forum (I never did)! :-)

People around the world need to see great work from CorelDRAW, esp. since it may be considered an underdog to the majority of designers. Seeing great results is all that's needed to create interest in the product. In the long run that will strengthen and grow the community.

The only thing about this pic that stands out to me is the missing blue/green tint in the windshield glass. The glass in the original pic isn't appearing to be reflecting an environment that much. But as it curves at the passenger side, the inherent color of the glass itself is very apparent. There is a subtle tint color throughout the whole windshield, though...

Still a incredible job, looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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Senior Member

Registered: December 2005
Posts: 164
13-12-2005 00:05

Thanks for the kind words.
I did this just to see if I could even do it.
I kinda stepped on Richards toes he had already started this one, I so wanted to do this that I created it pretty fast (Richard hasn't sent me any hate mail yet so I guess he has forgiven me)
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Senior Member

Registered: August 2005
Posts: 281
3-8-2006 09:26 Rating: 10.00 

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16-9-2011 12:30

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18-4-2012 04:42

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Junior Member

Registered: June 2012
Posts: 233
25-5-2013 04:50 Rating: 9.00 

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