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Confused Dragon
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Poster: hendrik  (see this users gallery)

Originally I was going to make an entire scene, but I got bored of it.
· Date: 24-5-2005 · Views: 68164 · Filesize: 11.7kb, 40.9kb · Dimensions: 1000 x 676 ·
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Rating: ******* 7.00
Keywords: Confused Dragon
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24-5-2005 18:51

hey, isn't this the b-spline dragon? Why didn't you put it in the Designer gallery??
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14-6-2005 15:11

Lol, sorry, forgot I did this in Designer....
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9-6-2011 04:01 Rating: 9.00 

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4-11-2011 11:04

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9-12-2011 06:53

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28-3-2012 05:01

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15-4-2012 04:43

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15-4-2012 04:43

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6-8-2012 04:34

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19-10-2012 02:48 Rating: 5.00 

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